Refund of the Deposit: Group/Individual

If you have decided to terminate the agreement between the Nepalese registered Agency and the United Arab Emirates registered agency, cancel the visa of your Nepalese Domestic Worker for whatsoever reason (you wanted to terminate his/ her visa or your employee didn’t come back to you after her vacation or your employee refused to come after you deposited security amount to the Embassy), please contact the Embassy for the refund of the security deposit by completing the following procedures/documentary requirements:

  1. Ask the employee to call the Embassy during the working hours or send us an email mentioning her contact number before she is sent back to Nepal (applicable only if your employee is still with you in the UAE);
  2. Submit a written request to the Embassy stating the reason of repatriation of your employee to Nepal with the following documents/proofs after he/she left the UAE for Nepal:
    1. Cancellation of visa
    2. Copy of air ticket to Nepal
    3. Exit paper or exit stamp, and
    4. Original receipt given by the Embassy at the time you deposited the money.
    5. Proof of the termination of contract between the Nepalese Registered Agency and UAE Registered Agency for recruiting NDSWs. (group only)

The Employer/Agency may also send his/her authorized representative with the said documents to collect the security deposit, which will be refunded on the same day if all the requirements are fulfilled and the Embassy has nothing to verify in this regard.