Required Documents for the attestation of the Nepalese Domestic Service Workers (NDSWs) through Agency

  1. An application form for the attestation of documents for the Nepalese Domestic Service Workers.
  2. A Demand Letter (Stating the details of Basic Salary, Food, Accommodation, Working days and hours, Joining Air Ticket and Returning Air Ticket, Emirates ID Card and Visa Cost, Medical Test Cost, Place of Work and other benefits as per the UAE laws etc.)
  3. A duly attested copy of the contract between Employer and the Registered UAE Recruiting Agency for NDSWs (Power of Attorney by the Sponsor to the UAE Agency).
  4. An Agreement between the Registered Recruiting Agency of Nepal and the United Arab Emirates Agency.
  5. A Sample Contract Paper between Employee and Employer.
  6. Power of Attorney by the Agency of UAE to the Agency of Nepal.
  7. Original slip of the Deposit AED 3700.00 for each NDSW.
  8. Job descriptions/ details for the NDSWs.
  9. A Guarantee letter.
  10. A duly attested paper regarding the Socio-Economic Condition and Character Certificate of the Employer ( Recently issued Police Report and Income Certificate).
  11. A duly attested copy of the certificate of house ownership/tenancy contract.
  12. A copy of the valid Certificate of Registered Agency of Nepal issued by the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal.
  13. A copy of valid Registered Agency Certificate issued by the Embassy of Nepal.
  14. Copies of the Passport, Visa and Emirates ID of the Registered Recruiting Agency Owner.
  15. Two copies ( Original and Photocopy) of Demand letter, Agreement Papers, Contract Paper, Power of Attorney, Guarantee Paper etc.
  16. Samples of Application form , Demand Letter, Contract Paper, Agreement Papers, Power of Attorney and Guarantee Paper are available at Nepal Embassy’s web site: