Terms and Conditions for the Termination/Suspension of Registered Agency of UAE

  1. If submitted the fake documents.
  2. If failed to provide salary and other facilities as stated in the contract paper to NDSWs.
  3. If refuse/hesitate to rescue the NDSWs during the time of problem created by security threat.
  4. If failed to renew the registration of the agency at the Embassy of Nepal on specific date.
  5. If the contract between the concerned Nepalese agency and the UAE is terminated or make default.
  6. If the deducted Deposit has not been compensated by the concerned agency of UAE within 15 days to the Embassy.
  7. If The employer does not give one day off per week to the Employer.
  8. If the local authorized recruitment agency involves in recruiting the NDSW violating the provisions mentioned in the existing Directives of NDSWs of Nepal.