Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

Please be advised to bring the following documents to apply for a Machine Readable Passport if you like to replace your hand written passport with Machine Readable Passport (MRP) or all the pages in your handwritten/Machine Readable passport have already been used up or the passport is damaged or lost:

  • Please download a form from and fill out as per the instructions given there and print its two copies. You can also write in the fields, clearly. Affix a photo (borderless, white background, colour, mouth-closed and the face covering 70 to 80 per cent of the area) to each form.
  • Your current original passport and its photocopy
  • A copy of your UAE visa page
  • A copy of your Citizenship Certificate
  • AED 200.00 for normal renewal/issuance and AED 400.00 for renewing lost/damaged passports.
  • Self-presence of the applicant is mandatory

    Additional requirements for lost passports

  • Police Report
  • A letter to the Embassy from the concerned company

    Required documents for the babies born in the UAE

  • Birth Certificate issued by the Health authority and its copy (the certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE
  • Copies of passports of both parents
  • Copies of UAE visas of both parents
  • A copy of marriage certificate of the parents
  • Photocopies of the citizenship certificates of the parents
  • Forms, photos will be as mentioned above
  • AED 100.00 (valid for 5 years only)
  • Self-presence of the baby is mandatory

Please note

  1. Please type in the forms clearly or download the forms in the given formats and fill them out as clearly as possible. Note that your signature should strictly be inside the given box without touching its borders.
  2. Applicants whose age is below one year and the applicants (of any age) who cannot sign can leave the boxes by putting a small cross (×) mark in the middle of the boxes.
  3. The Embassy will not take any action over incomplete documents and/or documents not prepared as per the guidelines.
  4. Your new passport will be ready in about 3 months time from the date of submission. Please come to the Embassy with your old passport and receipt to collect your new passport after you receive a message from the Embassy.
  5. The Consular hours of the Embassy are from 09:30 am to 01:00 pm (from Sunday to Thursday)
  6. Visit for more information.