Travel Documents

To obtain temporary passport after submission of the application for MRP (Machine Readable Passport), please submit following documents:

  1. Fill out one copy of the Passport Form by downloading from
  2. Your Passport or its copy
  3. A copy of your UAE visa page
  4. Two photographs other than the one affixed on the form)
  5. Police Report in case old passport is lost
  6. Fee AED 200.00
  7. Self-presence of the applicant is mandatory

In case of passport lost, following additional documents required:

  1. Police Report
  2. A letter to the Embassy from the concerned company

Please note:

  1. Please download the forms in the given formats and fill them out as clearly as possible.
  2. Note that your signature should strictly be inside the given box without touching its borders.
  3. The Embassy will not take any action over incomplete documents and/or documents not prepared as per the guidelines.
  4. The Consular hours of the Embassy are from 09:30 am to 01:00 pm (from Sunday to Thursday)
  5. Visit for more information