Individual Recruitments

Please be advised only father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband and wife currently working in the UAE can apply for the attestation of the individual visas/employment contract on behalf of their relatives.

However, in absence of the above mentioned relatives in the UAE, the Embassy may attest such documents if any of the following conditions fulfilled:
  1. The job seeker had already worked in the UAE and application for a new job is submitted within nine months from the date of exit from the UAE. Documentary evidence such as copy of the relevant pages of passport showing the entry/exit stamps and the previous visa etc. required.
  2. A professional who found job for himself/herself in the UAE through online application/interview (proof required); and If the employment is being provided by the UAE Government entity, diplomatic or UN missions based in the UAE
  3. Application for attestation can be submitted by the relatives themselves, through an authorized representative or employer. Companies hiring individual Nepalese who do not meet the above requirement/s may contact any registered manpower agency in Nepal before they obtain visa and follow the procedures the same way as they would do for the group recruitments.
The following are the requirement for attestation of documents for individual recruitment:
  1. Employment contract with full information on basic salary, working hours and days, food, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, workmen compensation insurance (compensation for injury and death), joining and return ticket, cost of visa and other benefits and other terms and conditions of the contract of the company concerned – 2 copies (one original and one photocopy);
  2. Guarantee Letter – 2 copies (one original and one photocopy)
  3. A copy of valid trade license of the company in the UAE – 1 copy;
  4. Employment Visa – 1 original and 2 photocopy. The original visa will be returned after verification;
  5. Copy of the bio-page of the Employee’s passport – 1 copy;
  6. Relationship certificate attested by Department of Consular Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal;
  7. Documents must be submitted by the relatives, companies’ authorized person or a person having authorization letter from the company.

  8. Copies of previous UAE visa and exit stamp of the prospective employee (if worked in the UAE before);
  9. Copies of passport and UAE visa of the applicant (if family member as mentioned above)


Sample of Individual Employment Contract
file: pdf, size: 57kb