Individual Recruitments

Individual Recruitment
Required Documents for Individual Visa Verification

  1. An Application Form
  1. Employment contract with clear information on basic salary, working hours and days, provision of food, accommodation, transportation allowances, medical insurance, insurance (compensation for injury and death), joining and return ticket, cost of visa and other benefits and other terms and conditions of the contract of the company concerned – 2 copies (original and photocopy);
  1. Offer letter, No Objection Letter/Guarantee Letter from the company
  2. A copy of valid trade license of the company in the UAE
  3. Two copies of Valid Employment Visa
  4. Bio-page of the Employee’s passport
  5. Relationship certificate attested by Department of Consular Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal (if applicable)
  6. Copy of passport and UAE visa of the applicant for family member (if applicable)
  7. Copy of previous Labour permit from Nepal, previous UAE visa and proof of exit from UAE (visa cancellation/exit stamp) of the prospective employee (if applicable);

Application for attestation can be submitted by self or an authorized representative of                               employer/company.

  Fees: Individual document attestation/visa verification charge – 300AED (effective from 17 July 2018)

 Check list for Attestation of Documents

(Individual Visa Verification)

1   Duly filled up Application Form
  Two copies of Individual Employment Contract in standard format
  No objection Letter from the company
  Copy of valid trade license of the company
  Two copies of Employment Visa
  Two copies of Employee’s passport
  ID copy of Authorized Person (Owner/HR Manager/PRO) of the company or Authorization letter to submit and collect the documents.
Additional Requirements
2 Former Worker  (Additional to No.1)
  Copy of Previous Visa
  Previous Labour permit from Nepal
  Copy/proof  of  Visa Cancellation
3 Blood Relations (Additional to No.1)
  Relationship certificate attested by the Department of Consular Services in Nepal (parents, sisters/brothers, husband/wife, son/daughter)
  Valid visa copy of the relatives
  Offer letter from the company
4 Domestic Worker (Additional to No.1)
  Labour Permit (the sponsor must be same)
  Dully filled up form of Annex 8 of the prevailing Domestic Workers Directives
  Copy of Emirates ID and passport and contact details of the sponsor
All copies of the documents need to be self attested by authorized submitters