Demand letter Attestation

Institutional Recruitment

(Through Licensed Recruiting Agency)

Following documents should be submitted to the Embassy in the given order for processing the recruitment of Nepali nationals: 

  1. An Application Form
  1. Standard Demand Letter:It should clearly mention the number and gender of workers, basic salary, working hours(8) and working days(6), provision of food, accommodation, and transportation, medical insurance, workmen’s compensation (compensation for injury and death) insurance, air tickets (joining and return), other benefits and service/agency fee and cost of visa, medical test, and Emirates ID etc.
  2. Service (Two Party) Agreement:Two copies of agreement between Nepali Manpower Agency and Company in the UAE
  1. Power of Attorney:Two copies of the authorization issued by the company in the United Arab Emirates to Nepali Manpower Agency to recruit and supply workers. The license numbers of both the Nepali and UAE Company must be mentioned in the Power of Attorney and it should not be valid for more than two years.
  1. Standard Employment Contract: Two copies of contract for each job category based on Job Position and Basic Salary between the employer in the UAE and Nepalese worker(s). However, a single Sample Employment Contract can be prepared for various job category or position if the categories of workers have equal salary and other benefits. In such a case, companies may indicate more than one job title in one Sample Employment Contract (for example Waiter/Bartender/Cook/Commis, etc.)
    Standard employment Contract must contain basic salary and information about other benefits such as food, accommodation, medical insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance, working days and hours, transportation, two-way air ticket, visa cost, cost of medical test and Emirates ID, etc.
  1. Guarantee Letter:Two copies of undertaking conforming that the employee(s) will be assigned to work in the company specified in the contract and will not be compelled to work out of the UAE and assuring the safety and security of workers.
  1. Copy of EID of the Sponsor/Owner and the Submittant
  2. Copy of Valid Trade/Commercial License of the Company and the Nepali Manpower Agency
  3. Authentic Quota Paper from the concerned authority(if the company is private)
  4. Copy of ID of the Authorized Person (Owner/HR Manager/PRO) of the company or Authorization letter to submit and collect the documents.
  5. ID no. and contact no. of Nepali workers working in the company, if any and their Salary Sheet of the last month.
Minimum Basic Salary and other allowances

As decided by the Government of Nepal published in Nepal Gazette volume 62 number 32 section 5 Dated 2069.7.27.

Job Category Basic Salary (AED) Food Cost (AED)
Unskilled 800.00 or above 300.00 or above
Semi Skilled 1,000.00 or above 300.00 or above
Skilled 1,200.00 or above 300.00 or above
Highly Skilled 5,000.00 or above As per agreement

The above stated salary and allowances are additional to the transportation and other benefits.

  • Please note that all copies of the documents need to be self attested by authorized person to submit the documents.
  • Demand Letters need to be attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the UAE.
  • The UAE Government entities are exempted from the requirement of Chamber attestation.
  • Companies that are operating under Free Zone need to get those documents attested either by the Chamber or by designated Free Zone Authority.
  • Embassy may visit the company and accommodation before the attestation of demand (within 10 days of documents submission), if deemed necessary.

Attestation and Verification fees/charge (effective from 17 July 2018) :

S.N. No. of workers Demand Attestation Fees (AED) Visa Verification / Document Correction(AED)
1. 1-25 920 370
2. 26-100 1100
3. Above 100 1280

 Check list for Demand letter attestation

  Duly filled up Application Form
  Duly Attested Standard Demand Letter
  Service (Two Party) Agreement
  Power of Attorney
  Standard Employment Contract
  Guarantee Letter
  Valid ID copy of the Sponsor/Owner and the Submittant
  Copy of valid Trade/Commercial License of the Company and the Nepali Manpower Agency
  Authentic Quota Paper from the concerned authority
  Id copy of Authorized Person (Owner/HR Manager/PRO) of the company or Authorization letter to submit and collect the documents.
  Salary Sheet of the last month of Nepali Workers if employed in the Company and name List with emirates ID and contact numbers of them.
All copies of the documents need to be self attested by authorized submitter.